Pay Per Click Advertising

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a type of online advertising, where you only pay when somebody clicks on your ads. It is an internet advertising model you can use to get instant targeted traffic to your website through Google Adwords or the Yahoo! Bing Network.

People find products and services they are looking for in search engines by typing search terms or keywords. When the target keywords on your PPC campaign are typed by users on search engines, your ads appear on top, below, or alongside organic search results. The position of your ads against your competitors will depend on how much you are bidding for your target keywords and your quality score. Depending on the campaign settings, your ads may also appear on various sites that are part of the Google, Bing and Yahoo! Networks. There are many options to target your customers – some of the targeting options are by device, location, language scheduling, and keyword matching. When they click on any of your ads, they are directed to a landing page on your website where you can convert them to leads or customers via an inquiry, contact form, or ‘buy now’ buttons.

Did you know that PPC is the Fastest way to drive instant traffic to your website?


To Date, Google Adwords is the leader in the paid search marketing industry. It provides precision-guided targeting and the option to display extra information called “Extensions” to enhance your ads.

How PPC Works? An Overview

how ppc works

Did you know that you are losing out and gaining instant website visitors, potential leads and sales by not doing PPC?

Why Employ PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is the fastest way to drive instant traffic to your website. PPC advertising is especially useful for direct response campaigns where instant and direct actions are desired from target customers. This scenario also allows for cost-per-click to be measured immediately against conversions or sales to determine ROI.

PPC is also effective in kick-starting and regulating traffic volumes, particularly during times when businesses are launching new products or services, need to fill an empty sales pipeline, during limited sales season, or when carrying time-sensitive promotions.

PPC can be utilised to surge traffic or to acquire huge customers while demand is high. Unlike SEO, which can take time to build rankings, PPC immediately establishes an online presence, requires no real build-up time, and generations ROI much more quickly when done right.

When systematic split testing and optimisation are done on a PPC campaign, cost per click goes down and traffic translates to conversion at a higher rate.

Benefits of PPC

Page 1 Results

Be displayed on the first page & at the top of search results for maximum visibility.

You Only Pay for Clicks

You pay only for actions taken on your marketing efforts, unlike traditional ads (radio, TV, signs.)

Traffic is Targeted

Your ads will be placed on pages based on relevant keywords to your business.

Budget & Scheduling

Set a maximum budget on a daily or monthly basis, allowing for forecasting flexibility.

Fast & Measurable

Immediately start getting traffic and analyse which keywords are performing best.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?​​

Your toughest competitors most likely have done PPC or are probably doing PPC. One survey shows that online marketing savvy businesses have a strong focus on paid search (PPC). Some 90% of marketers are either retaining or increasing their PPC spending for the year ahead.

PPC is also often to used to supplement SEO efforts, as SEO mostly makes an impact on search rankings in the long term.



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